Life is But a Dream

Remember this song from childhood?

“Row row row your boat, gently down the stream.  Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.”

So, we are again talking about the metaphor of water.  This time we are in our little boats, navigating our way through the waters of life.  Sometimes its smooth sailing. But sometimes the waters are turbulent, and life tosses us about, leaving us bruised and battered. Or we may be wiser and stronger.  It all depends on how sea-worthy we are.

I have found that the dream world can be a treasure chest of information and insight into our daily lives.  I have met with departed loved ones and eased my grief, for I see how they live on, just in another dimension that is only a dream to us.  I have been shown future events in my life that helped me watch and prepare.  I’ve met people in my dreams before meeting them in waking life.  In the dream state, problems with relationships can been healed, physical healings can occur, and great adventures can be had.

Dreams provide a link to our inner and outer worlds, and can bring realizations that would startle the waking consciousness.  Some are symbolic and require contemplative interpretation.  Others are direct and real experiences.  All in all, dreams teach us much about ourselves and life.

Yesterday morning I had a dream that showed me the importance of being “sea-worthy” in the storms of life.  In the dream, I awoke and went for a walk in my neighborhood.  I was startled to see that houses had roofs torn off, and some houses were demolished.  I had no awareness that a storm had passed in the night.  I stopped and spoke with a woman whose home was damaged.  “I didn’t even hear anything,” I told her.  My home was secure and undamaged.  I interpreted this dream to mean that when we do a daily spiritual practice of prayer, meditation, or contemplation, that we are building a “safe house” that can withstand the storms of life.

If indeed we do experience such a traumatic event as those in the symbolic dream, we have the inner strength to rebuild our lives. A traumatic event is sometimes called a spiritual wakeup call, and can be a turning point for growth and change.  A daily spiritual practice is the key to receiving inner guidance through our connection with Spirit.  Contemplation  can help us make the connection and get the most of this lifetime.   We  can choose to wake up our sleeping consciousness to  greater awareness, and navigate the dream of life with wonder and great interest.

While there are a lot of books on dreams, one of the leading authorities on the subject  is Harold Klemp, and his book The Art of Spiritual Dreaming is a great manual to begin a study of one’s own dream worlds.

Happy sailing.











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