Our Search for Love

Several years ago I was having a serious conversation with a close male friend.  He asked a question, and suddenly I started crying  and said, “I always just wanted someone to love me.”

This statement was a revelation to me.  I realized that all of my life, through every action, every pursuit of happiness, I was looking for love.  I was loved, of course, all of my life, but I was too wounded and closed to recognize and receive it.  Love didn’t show up the way I expected it or wanted it to.   Now, years later, I realize that the search for love is the search for God, and the search for God is the search for love.

In every true religious and spiritual teaching, there is emphasis on the loving heart.  If God is love, then we, a creation of God, must also be love.  How then, have we moved so far from our natural sate of love?

I have met so many people throughout life who were so completely in the body consciousness that they were filled with anxieties, fears, and worries.  In such a state it was hard for them to feel any joy or inspiration.  Once  I asked Spirit to show me the energetics of what was going on.  What was the solution?

I was shown an image on the inner screen of my mind that looked like computer graphics.  I saw how the spiritual, higher energies enter  through the crown, the earth energy through the root and feet, and how they meet  at the heart enter, or heart chakra.  Here the energies are transmuted  by the heart center, according to the state of consciousness of the receiver, into the energy that creates his life.  The life he creates, the state of  relationships, health and happiness, reflect the condition of the heart.  The Bible verse, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23) came to mind.  Because of life events, traumas, and fears, the heart is closed in many people or heavily guarded.

Some people are mind people and live in their heads.  Some live in their bodies.  Most are a mix.  Some truly fortunate ones have learned how to be people of the heart.   A true healing, and true spiritual progress, must include a healing of the heart.

What heals and restores the heart except love?  Love isn’t love if it empties us.  I also learned through many years of looking for love that love doesn’t mean giving your whole self away.  Love is love when it fills us in places we didn’t know existed, and spills over to all life around us and reaches into the very heart of life.  It returns to us again and again in ever new and surprising forms.  It inspires us and gives us purpose.

I have always known that circulation is life, and the absence of circulation is death.  But it was a revelation when I realized that circulation is related to love.  We think of love as an emotion, or a kind act, or benevolent thought.  That is how love is expressed and manifested, through our feelings, thoughts, words and actions.  But love itself is pure spiritual current, the life-giving energy that moves, creates, sustains, and once we connect with this love, life changes for us.  We must keep love circulating in our lives in some way.

If indeed love is our natural state, our birthright, how do we awaken this love within us?  Again, a daily spiritual practice is key.  But a simple way to begin is to simply say at bedtime and when starting the day, “Please show me love.”

After my own life of much trial and error, one night years ago in the dream state, I was shown how to have a new beginning in life and love.  My inner guide, sometimes known as the Dream Master, had sheets of paper that contained the story of my life.  He had marked and corrected it, much as I had done with students’ compositions when I was a teacher.  I knew that he was showing me that many of the mistakes and karmic burdens of my life had been settled.  Then he took a clean, blank sheet and wrote across the top of the page: “The Rest of the Story Is…”

I knew he was saying that I was ready to begin writing consciously on the pages of my life.

So after all of this, can I say that I am a master of love?  Hardly.  But I am willing to be Its servant.

And the rest of the story is…




2 thoughts on “Our Search for Love

  1. Thank you Susan. This article explains a lot of what I needed to see more clearly. As I was reading it I felt the spiritual current of love reaching deep into my heart, wanting to help and heal me. It taught me the HU is a vibration that flows outward from my heart, as it flows outward it opens to give more of itself. It’s the bond that connects me to the Spirit of life. What a wonderfully fulfilling experience. Thank you.


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