The Music Inside

On the car radio this morning, I heard two musicians discussing the art of creating music.  One said he sometimes hears music in dreams.  He said at other times he hears it while driving.  During those times he goes over and over it in his mind so he won’t forget it before arriving home.

Both musicians also agreed that improvisation means they are continuing to compose while playing.  The music inside leads them.  He also said that if more people could hear the music they and others create, that they would feel the joy they feel as they compose and play it.  I certainly felt  their joy and love for their art as I listened to them.

For a musician, the music inside comes through as melody or lyrics.  For a writer, the song inside comes through as poems, stories, or novels.  For a painter, an inner visual image may inspire a painting.  A good cook will intuitively know how to “improvise” a recipe as she prepares the food and makes it even better.  It’s also expressed as acts of kindness.  The music inside is really love, God’s voice desiring expression through us.

Years ago I heard a well-known jazz musician describing how he had once lost his creative spirit and was suffering from a deep depression.  During this time his wife had been a constant support and help, never losing her belief he would recover and be himself again.  As he recovered, he  secretly recorded a new album and dedicated it to her.  The dedication said: “You heard my music and gave it back to me.”

I was so inspired by this story.  It made me realize that when we hear God’s voice, the inner sound, and give it expression in our lives in some way,  we are returning love back to God and to life.

True contemplation is the way to open our inner hearing and inner sight to the Light and Sound of God.  An endless creative pool of love awaits us.

I found the  booklet entitled Spiritual Wisdom on Prayer, Meditation, and Contemplation by Harold Klemp to be a helpful guide to the art of contemplation.  This quote is from page 4:

     Go to the holy of holies.  It is the temple inside you.  This is the place where all truth comes from.  Before there were words, before there was a written Bible or a printed Gutenberg Bible, before there was Luther’s translation, there was the Word in the heart of mankind.

      This is the temple.  Go there.

Thank you for reading a little song from me today.





6 thoughts on “The Music Inside

  1. Well said, Susan. I always love the simple grace and clarity of your writing, and the important topics you write about. Keep up the good work, please!


  2. True contemplation is the way to open our inner hearing and inner sight to the Light and Sound of God. An endless creative pool of love awaits us.
    Thankyou Susan


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