A Life of Increase

We’ve all heard that as soon as we drive our brand new automobile out of the dealership parking lot, it begins to decrease in value.  Material things depreciate in monetary value over time except for rare antiques, valuable art, etc.  These things have value because society has decided they are valuable.  Hoping for an increase in value in the material things we own is a chancy thing.  But there is a way to bring added value to our lives and live a life based on the principle of increase.

Appreciation implies an increase in value, while depreciation indicates a decrease in value.  How do these two principles work in our daily life?  Energy follows attention.  Whatever we focus on increases.  If we constantly complain about our circumstances, our family, friends, or work, we continue to increase our dissatisfaction.  If we didn’t have enough money or happiness before, we may find we soon have even less of both.

On the other hand, wonderful things happen when we move from introversion, where we are focused on our perceived needs and problems, to having an outflow of love by giving genuine appreciation for the people and things in our life.

Gratitude is a response to receiving a blessing or gift,  while appreciation is a choice, an action, to decide to perceive the value in every aspect of our life.  When we take stock of what we have, the people we love,  the opportunities around us, everyday life takes on a new dimension of value.

A woman once frequently complained to me about her husband.  She was very unhappy in her marriage.  Finally one day I asked her if she wanted to save the marriage.  She said she did.  I suggested that she try starting a list of the things she appreciated about her husband instead of focusing on the things that bothered her.  Some time went by before I saw her again.  I asked how things were going, and she beamed and said, “Great.  I started the list you mentioned.  We are so happy.  That appreciation list really worked.”

Years ago I was introduced to the principle of increase in a book entitled The Flute of God by Paul Twitchell.  The book details how to enter into a co-creative relationship with Spirit, the source of all creation.  This quote captured my heart and imagination  all those years ago, and still does:

“…This leaves one in the attitude that regardless of how beautiful life may be now, there is always something better to come.  It will come by the natural law of Spirit, for Spirit, in Itself, is the principle of increase.” (p. 129)

So the natural and infallible way to add increasing value to our lives is to align daily with Spirit, to open our hearts and minds to Its natural flow of increase.  Again, each individual must find their own way to do this, through prayer, meditation, or contemplation. 

Years ago while working in my office, suddenly a quiet voice spoke to me, saying, “The best is yet to come.”  What a wonderful and amazing thought!  For a long time I was waiting for this promised gift to come into my life.  I finally realized that when we do the best we can, be the best we can, give as much love to our work and day as we can, that we are aligning with the best.   So the best is always yet to come, because as we become a radiating center of love, this love and warmth spreads out to life around us, reaching out into the universe.  This love is an attracting power that draws more love and blessing to us in return.

There is still a practical side to working with the principle of increase.  If we truly appreciate our body, we will study the laws of health and nutrition and get rest as needed.  To increase our financial  wealth, we will study the laws of finance, such as budgeting, saving, and giving.  To increase love and purpose in our life, we will give love and service in some way.

Soon we find that we have opened a door to an abundant life on so many levels.  Spirit is looking for distributors for Its love and blessings.  We can ask, how are we blocking this flow in our life, how are we cutting ourself off from supply? We ask to receive that we may give.  That is one of the true secrets of a life of increase.

I “appreciate” your taking time to read this humble post.










2 thoughts on “A Life of Increase

  1. Amazing! Wonderful article Susan. It expresses so many spiritual truths in a graceful, flowing manner. I especially like your quote from the Flute of God, and your interpretation of it by saying: “…the natural and infallible way to add increasing value to our lives is to align daily with Spirit, to open our hearts and minds to Its natural flow…”
    Thank you.


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