The Creative Power of Love

After deleting the last post, which was on creativity, I decided to contemplate what I know about the creative process, consider what I have learned so far, and to ask inwardly to be shown something new.

First, I want to be honest with you in telling you how uncomfortable I am writing these letters, not in the actual writing, for I like to write.  But publicly sharing them is uncomfortable, for I don’t want to present myself as a teacher or authority of any kind. I am keenly aware of the limitations of my knowledge of life.  I am simply trying to literally “follow my dream” that I wrote about in the section, “about this blog.”

So simply take these letters as notes from a friend to a friend because we share an interest in life and its meaning.  My hope is that they will be uplifting and possibly encourage further exploration of your own inner worlds. I invite you to share your own insights with me and other readers  in the comment area below each page.  Thank you.

Now, back to creativity.

The greatest and most important thing I have learned about the creative process is that true creativity is co-working, co-creating with Spirit.  When we feel an inner impulse to begin some creative endeavor, an inner channel opens and moves us in directions that we, of ourselves, could not have imagined.

Why does It choose a certain individual to write a song or a particular book, or initiate a new project that will benefit others?  It finds the individual who is open to Its guidance and who has the abilities or life experiences that it needs for that task.  I visualize humanity as a vast field of such rich experience, lifetimes of stories and lessons of love to be shared through the arts, but also through acts of kindness and service.

We are all co-creators when we use our creative abilities with love and sincerity, whether it is to cook a meal, arrange flowers, or make music or art, we add love and healing in some mysterious way to the whole of things.

After the process of writing a book several years ago, I contemplated the co-creative process.  I was aware that the spiritual force at work with me had to use what I was, but also go beyond that.  I had to stretch to realize what it was showing me at times, to let some new realization come through.  It also taught me how to take the experiences and stories of my own life and weave them into the spiritual principles that were being discussed.  Also the Holy Spirit, working with the Law of Economy, works  along the lines of least resistance.  It wasn’t going to use me to make a scientific breakthrough or compose a symphony, but through me it could write about love and healing, for it had spent years preparing me.

In any creative endeavor there are three stages: the idea, goal or inspiration; making a plan and taking action; and finally, the completion or manifestation.  It is that middle part that can create struggle, doubt, frustration, and finally innovation, as we try to discern the guidance, and understand our role and what we are being asked to do.  I have sometimes called this process wrestling with God.  But, in reality, we are wrestling with ourself as we are being spiritually moved into unfamiliar territory.

When we are deeply involved in a creative process, we have entered into a deep, personal engagement with the Holy Spirit.  We each, in our own way and time, learn how to surrender while taking action, and to choose willingness over resistance.

When we accept the responsibility of a service which is entrusted to us, in any area of life, we must ask, how much love can I accept, and how much of the responsibility can I accept that comes with being the carrier of that love?  For the true definition of creativity is service.  And love is the power that carries the project and service from its beginning to the fulfillment of its mission.

When we work with this flow, we discover that it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and love, for it is the Holy Light and Sound of God wanting to speak to us and through us.  We, as individual creative units of Divine Love, can make this love visible, revealing new sides of it, opening doors to new understanding for ourself and others.

As the other articles have mentioned, the daily spiritual practice, contemplation, prayer, or meditation, opens the creative center within us to this flow.  The daily spiritual exercise clears the channel between the human consciousness and our higher self, Soul.

If you would like help with contemplation to explore the creative powers within you, I can recommend a book I have found helpful for many years: The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, your doorway to wisdom, freedom, and love by Harold Klemp.

I look forward to hearing your insights on the creative process.

With Gratitude,





2 thoughts on “The Creative Power of Love

  1. As always, I love these posts from Susan. Since all of life is creation in each moment i have been selected by Spirit to pursue some uncomfortable things like helping to gain relief for my son who is in prison. The middle part, making a plan and taking action, is certainly the most difficult part. Sometimes I do not know what to do or which way to go. This co-creative process is certainly an act of learning to listen to Spirit’s nudge and moving forward with love and forgiveness. Staying in fear is a deadly process; it hurts my heart and my body and my sleep and causes me to be less available to love and listening. I am thankful for this post from Susan because today I am caused to remember the truth and benevolence of Soirit that is always there for me. I think I will read about the Law of Economy today so that I can more easily trust the path of least resistance as an answer on which direction I should go. May the blessings be.


  2. Cathy, Thank you for your heartfelt reply. Your words that life is a succession of creating moment by moment is so true. You are so wise to look for guidance in each of those moments in this difficult time. I know that this love you have will continue to illuminate the way for all involved in the case.
    With gratitude,


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