Just for Love

This morning I’ve been reflecting on why we do what we do.  We work because we have to live, but hopefully we also do our work with love.  Some of us fortunate ones also have work we love to do.  But what about those other “assignments” from Soul, those that come from a deep inner impulse to do, that brings no outer reward or recognition.

These letters, for example, that Spirit has me writing all hours of the day and night, are likely read by only a few.  So one might ask, what, then, is the purpose of such a deeply involved endeavor?  For one, it is one way I am being taught about aligning with flow, when I am and when I’m not.  Another, I am learning patience with Spirit’s timing.  Also, I am learning this, again, that the result or product of an endeavor is not as important as the process.

If we do something out of pure love and devotion, expecting nothing in return except the joy of following the inner guidance, then the love, experience, and learning that the process brings is the gift.

I often think of my many talented musician friends, who are not making millions like some pop stars, but who have such gifts of writing and performing that, if heard and known, could bless and uplift masses.  But when we do something that comes to us from the Love and bring it out with love, it is true that perhaps only a few on this world plane will know of it or be touched by it.  But the inner reverberations that are sent through the universes by a small act of love have more power to uplift and heal the whole than any song performed on stage in front of thousands, or books read by millions.

But this act of pure love doesn’t have to be something sung, written, or painted.  It can be the care taken to cook for yourself or family, or water the plants, or speak kindly to a child.  It is the smile shared with a stranger.  The world is sustained by this kind of love.  We are sustained by this love.

So to all of my friends and all of the millions of Souls I don’t know,  who do it all just for love, thank you.  You help me every day, just by knowing you are here.


3 thoughts on “Just for Love

  1. The years in the school system wore away my sense of joy. The last 12 years in middle school @ the time of turmoil and angst began to erode my sense of self and drained the life force from me. I suffered debilitating illness as a result. I retired early and had another surgery in 2015. This last two years watching first my grand daughter Daisy, then my one year old Dewayne has restored my joy and strangely is helping heal my physical body , including some weight loss. I am so grateful for the privilege of their restorative love, in the giving and receiving. Cyndy


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