There Will Never Be Another You

I recently heard the old romantic classic, There Will never Be Another You, on the radio.  My thoughts immediately went to the larger truth of this statement, for there truly never will be another you.

At conception we all begin as the same generic fetus, but during the nine months gestation, miraculous processes take place that create the unique individual that we each are.  Even identical twins are not identical.  No two  people have the same fingerprints.  Our irises uniquely identify us.  And science has discovered other patterns in our physiology that make us each unique.

But there is much more at work in defining and creating our individuality than science can explain.  We are so much more than our biology, for we  as consciousness, or Soul, carry a blueprint that determines the sex, race, culture, level of intelligence, and talents that we need for each lifetime.  We carry our karmic patterns from lifetime to lifetime, subtracting some, adding others, as we learn and grow in awareness.  Each lifetime we are born into the body, family circumstances and culture that provide exactly the life, opportunities, and challenges for our greatest growth.

But within this uniqueness and individuality, there lies a deep sameness.  A friend of mine once heard a wonderful statement.  She was taking a training class in a healing modality, and had spent several days in deep contemplation on the subject of healing.  She had several inner experiences in which she was taught some interesting things.  One statement that she heard inwardly she shared with me: “We are all uniquely the same.”

This short statement so efficiently and wonderfully explains the nature of Soul, or consciousness.  We are each unique, timeless individuals, but are composed of the same particles of God matter– light, sound, spirit, energy, with Divine Love being both the cause and purpose of creation.

And what is the purpose and journey of life all about, except to discover the who and what and why of our existence.  Many years ago there was a popular song that had the phrase “you, wonderful you” in it.  Although it was a romantic song, I heard in it a reminder of the wonder we each are.  You, wonderful, full of wonder.  And it is an eternal joy to discover who “you” are.

Life is full of opportunities to experience love, beauty and happiness, but also carries its share of grief, loneliness and loss.  But perhaps the greatest challenge and also opportunity is to seek out and discover the divine qualities and potential inside us and then share them with the world.

I heard a young musician playing the piano on the radio one day.  He was only seventeen years old, but played with tenderness as well as great skill.  When the interviewer asked what was next for him in his career, he said, “I want to continue getting life experience to bring more depth to my music.”

That same day as I was driving home, a car in front of me had a sticker on the back that said, “Life is too short to go fishing only on the weekends.”  Everyday gives us the opportunities to fish the depths of our consciousness, and to experience life in ways that bring more depth to the music that is inside us.  And because we are “uniquely the same,” we can learn to listen to and observe others, discovering their uniqueness in the pattern of life, while remembering that we are, at heart, in the most secret and sacred part of ourselves, the same.

When we truly meet another, we meet a part of ourself.  And isn’t that one of the ways we get to know God, by seeing It in each other, and having our true self reflected back to us?  One of the greatest tests in life is to see beyond the illusion of the differences in race, culture, and appearance, to the inner reality where we are all uniquely the same.

Years ago I had a spiritual experience, a vision, while contemplating the levels of creation,  that I wrote about in An Invitation to Heal:

“I began by letting my mind drift over the concept of consciousness.  I began with the mineral state.  My awareness then shifted to the plant kingdom.  Animals drifted into my awareness.  Then I began to think about the human state of consciousness and the vast range of levels, all eventually leading to awakening to the possibility of self and God-realization.  My reverie suddenly carried me into a visionary experience beyond my mind and senses.  In the vision I saw, or rather experienced, the meaning of life.  My mind could not bring back a single image of what I experienced, except that the message was very simple.  I knew that every atom, every cell, every molecule of life is attempting to express its reason for being, and that the secret of life is contained within the creative power.  I came out of the experience with two phrases resounding within my consciousness: Truth is my only need,  and all I have to do is manifest God.”

I spent many years contemplating the meaning of the phrase, manifesting God.  I believe our individual and shared spiritual purpose is to manifest that part of us that is divine, through our unique abilities, but mainly through love and its many avenues of expression, but mostly through a state of Being love.

And that is why there will never be another you or me.  Only we can manifest that part of the Divine that we are, through the unique and individual creation that we are.  Through us this individual spark and part of God’s love can be known, seen, and be made visible through our lives, in ways it has not been before.

See why there can never be another you?








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