Do You Know Your Worth?

Do you know how wonderful you are?  You are composed of the same elements, materials, and energies that created the stars and heavens.  Within you sings the music of the spheres, and inside you is a light brighter than the sun.

Within you resides the power of creation, for you have the imagination and potential to manifest love is all its yet unimagined forms.  Inside you are the hidden memories of the ages and the dreams of the future.

Does this sound a little like science fiction?  It isn’t.  But if all of this is true, why do we live such narrow lives of worry, fear, short-lived joys and discontent?

Many years ago I loved a man who could see the wonder in others, but whose spirit was too broken to find it in himself.  He was helpful, kind, and encouraging to others, but could only do harm to himself.

There was a song during that time that I sometimes heard on the radio that began with the words, “You, wonderful you.”  I always thought of him with love whenever I heard it.  Once I softly sang the opening line to him when he was afraid and nervous.

Only in math do two halves make a whole.  I was still working at discovering my own worth and wonder, and my need to love and heal him was as much of a sickness as was his addiction.  Love given cannot heal a wounded heart that cannot accept the love, especially if the love is given out of a need to be loved. So many people carry hidden shame and a sense of unworthiness from childhood or even from past lives.  How then do we learn to give, receive, and Be love?

How do we discover the wonder and the link to infinity inside us.  It takes desire and a willingness to change.  It takes an open mind and open heart.  Sometimes it is a great weariness with life as we’ve always known it that starts our inward journey.

But when the inner call goes out from deep inside us, the universe responds.   We may have a dream one night that startles and shakes our view of reality and begins to awaken something new inside us.  We may have a recall of a distant past life that shows us a pattern we carry today.  We may have a visit or sign from a deceased loved one, or an out-of-body experience that proves there is more to life and to ourself than we have known.  We may read a book or see a film that provokes thought and questions.

Eventually we find we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything except become still, quiet, and look gently inside.  We discover the ancient spiritual practice of true prayer–contemplation.

As the heart begins to loosen its walls of self protection, love comes in that makes it safe to let down the guard of doubt and fear.  When love enters the heart, we discover a timeless link to the eternal goodness and underlying purpose in life.

With continued contemplation, the inner vision, the spiritual eye opens, and the light that has always been there reveals itself.  With this inner light we can see ourself more clearly and a path unfolding before us.  We may meet an Inner Guide, one who has already traveled the path we seek.

The inner hearing can begin to open, and we may hear the celestial sound current, sometimes as wind, music, a flute or ocean waves.  The celestial Sound and Light travel through the planes of existence carrying love, wisdom and comfort to all who can receive It.

We also may sometimes hear our true voice, the one that reminds us who we really are beyond the chatter of the mind and the ups and downs of our emotions.

When we meet our true self, we have come home.  The real part of ourself can reassure us when we are afraid, and guide us when we are unsure.  We have cleared the communication line to Soul, and are no longer bound to the limitations of our mind.

Years ago I was undergoing a great deal of stress and anxiety over a personal situation.  During the night, my heart began to race wildly out of control.  I remembered to go within and begin a contemplation, known as a spiritual exercise.  I suddenly heard my inner self speak to me and say, “Everything is ok.  Things are as they should be.”  That was the voice of Soul, my true self, reminding me of the larger point of view.  I instantly relaxed and came back into balance.

Another time some years ago, I was going through a period of feeling bad about myself.  I looked in a mirror and said, “You are about as worthless as a lump of coal.”  Instantly I heard my inner self say, “But with time and pressure, coal becomes a diamond.”  Even when the human consciousness slips us back into old patterns, we can instantly move into the more balanced self which has the wisdom and love to keep us on track.  In this case I was reminded that the process and pressures of living polishes us into a more spiritual and refined being.

With devotion and time spent in daily spiritual contemplation, we can begin to see beyond the illusion of the self we have projected to the world. We begin to build new patterns of self-worth and value as we learn to release and exercise the creative energy within us.

If we believe in a Divine origin of creation and that there is a creative and sustaining force in the universe, commonly know as Spirit, then we must believe that we are also part of that plan, or we would not be here.

That means we have a purpose to fulfill.  We are immensely valuable, no matter our outer station in life.  Sometimes the quietest and most humble among us leaves the greatest footprint so that others may follow.

Worth cannot be measured by bank accounts or fame or power, for these are fragile things.  You are the only one who can truly come to know and meet yourself.  In the dark times of suffering, the happy times, the day-to-day moments of living, we may walk in the shadow of the peson the world thinks we are.  But inwardly we walk in the wonder of who we truly are–an infinite, eternal being– Soul, created out of the material of its Creator, which is love, eternal love.

If God is love as all religious writings say, then we, too, as Its creation, in the core of our being, must also be love.  What could be more wonderful and wonder full than that.

Perhaps one of the greatest blessings of truly meeting ourself in the spiritual experience known as Self-Realization, is that ever after, we meet all others on the Holy ground of Being.

It’s  an honor to meet you, wonderful you, and you, and you, and you…







4 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Worth?

  1. Susan, this is so beautiful with wonderful words that we all need to hear! Thank you for your wise words and for sharing them with everyone. They always help me more than you’ll ever know. You are a blessing to everyone. Love to you, dear friend.

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