We Must Be Light to Rise

“We must be light to rise toward God.”

I wrote this sentence several years ago while working on a book.  Yesterday morning it came back to mind.  The rest of the paragraph that preceded it says this:

I know there have been times after recovering  from an illness that I have felt lighter, as if something old had been removed from me.  As the events of life add to the weight we already carry, our spirits lose their lightness and joy, and purification must come in some form.  We must be light to rise toward God.  An Invitation to Heal, pp.99-100

An advertisement on television triggered the memory of this quote.  A man and woman were wearing baseball caps which had two lights on them.  It was a funny looking cap to me, and I wondered who would buy it.  Yet someone who walks at night would be visible or would be able to see better.  So perhaps there are uses for a cap with headlights.

I was reminded of the inner light that we see when the inner eye, commonly known as the third eye or Tisra Til, opens.  While the cap or a flashlight can light our outer path, the inner light helps us navigate the hidden inner terrain of our life journey.  It may shed light on the meaning of a dream, relationship, illness, or other life situation.  This inner light also brings comfort, healing, understanding, and over time, greater levels of “enlightenment.”  Knowledge opens the mind, but this light can bring an opening of the heart, which allows in the love which can heal and light our way.

This morning in contemplation, I inwardly stated, “I open my heart to the Light and Sound of God.”  After a few minutes, I heard a loud clanging and rattling.  I opened my eyes to see my lovable yet trouble-making cat Max standing on the back of the sofa butting his head against the wall sconce. The sconce holds a glass container which holds a candle. And though his efforts shook the sconce, the candle holder remained in place.

 This outer experience was given as a reminder of the Sound and Light…that though life’s experiences may rattle us at times and shake our very foundation, we have access to an inner source of guidance that can see us through the experience.

Some people have an innate connection to this inner source of envisioning a good outcome to any situation, but for many of us, it must be learned.  I know  lady who has this natural ability.  At age 84 she remains a competitive ballroom dancer.  A severe accident, a broken bone, and later back surgery and time in a wheelchair did not discourage her desire to remain a dancer.  She was once told she would not be able to dance again.  Nevertheless, in her inner vision, she was and always would be a dancer.  Her love for dance and her inner vision of recovery proved her doctor wrong.

Once we open the inner sight and connect to the inner light through true contemplation or prayer, we then may turn our attention to not just experiencing the Light, but becoming one with it.   Once we become infused with the Light, and it is our constant companion, we then become a source of light and love for others.  We not only have this inner Light to light our own way, but we may help light and lighten the way for others.

There are many who have gone before us who have left a trail to follow.  Usually they are the spiritual teachers, but also certain writers, artists, poets, musicians, and scientists who, through an experience of their own, are inspired to translate their experience of greater light and inspiration to some outer form that may inspire others.   Such people open a crack so that light comes in.  (Paraphrasing Leonard Cohen)

The hard experiences of life either leave us bitter or provide a softening, an opening, or a new view, more light and love.  We must be Light and have Light to rise…this implies that, even in the presence of great distress, we are able to access a higher state of being that carries us above our difficulties so that they do not crush us.

There are many ways to use the inner vision to rise above our burdens or challenges.  One I have used is to imagine myself on a tall hill or cloud and looking down at my concerns from this higher viewpoint.  From that higher vantage point, which is really the viewpoint of Soul, or the true self, the issues, people and problems seem very small.  When my worries are removed from this higher vantage point, I can then see a solution or better approach.

When worry clouds the mind, it is hard to rise to the place within us where help awaits.  Another technique is to imagine writing down the problem and placing the paper in a basket tied to balloons.  Then release the balloons and watch the problem being carried away.  I have also imagined the inner light burning away all impurities inside me.

But perhaps the simplest thing of all is to say, especially before prayer or contemplation and before falling asleep, “I open my heart to the Light and Sound of God.  May I receive your Light and Be a light to others.”

Without all of the frequencies of light and sound, visible and invisible, audible and inaudible, life would not exist.  Knowing that they are the building blocks of creation, we can consciously choose to create a life of light, love and harmony.  We just have to put on our inner baseball cap and let it light the way.












2 thoughts on “We Must Be Light to Rise

  1. Thank you Susan. Very helpful, much appreciated. I knew when I saw this post that it would hold an answer for me that I needed. Thank you so much! You are a blessing of Light and Sound.
    May the Blessings Be,


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