Month: January 2017

My Way or the High Way?

After hearing the famous and much-loved song, “I Did It My Way” last evening on TV, it has been playing in my mind.  This morning I had some thoughts about doing it “my way” versus the “high way.”

Perhaps the composer of the song was referring to staying true to oneself, one’s integrity, and surviving obstacles and challenges.  Reflecting on the song, however, had me reflecting on the past years in my life when I did things “my way,” meaning from the unconscious, unaware state of the human ego.

From my limited viewpoint framed by limited life experiences, doing things my way didn’t necessarily turn out to be the best way.  Time and experience teach us better.  These days I begin my day by asking in my morning contemplation that my thoughts, words, and actions be aligned with my higher self, Soul, and that all be done according to Thy will, for my highest good and the good of the whole.

And from The Lord’s Prayer, so often recited in this country:  “…Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

True alignment with will larger than our personal ego requires careful thought and reflection, humility, and an open heart and open mind.  Maybe there is so much discord, war, unhappiness in the world because everyone is doing it their way, not looking inwardly for the High Way.

I’m still looking, wondering, learning, walking the road of life more carefully than years ago, but still learning where the cracks and potholes are.  But I have found that I don’t see them by looking down, only when I look up.