Month: June 2017

Dana, Can I Catch Water with You on the Other Side?

When I began this blog, I told the story of how a friend told me a story that inspired the title, Catching Water.  We were deep in conversation one day, and she shared with me the story of her visits as a child to her grandparent’s home in the Tennessee hills. Her grandparents didn’t have running water, and her grandmother would take a large jar up a hill to the head of a stream and fill the jar with water for their use at home.  Her grandmother called this catching water.

As we talked and she reminisced, a wonderful love began to fill the room, and a special spiritual presence was felt by both of us.  I told her she had just given me the title I had been waiting for, because I wanted to write letters that would help readers catch the spirit of life, the wonder of it all, and that water is a symbol of Spirit.  She closed her eyes for a moment, then said, “Susan, we’ve just been to church!”   We laughed with joy and appreciation for the time we had just spent together.

She gave me a great gift that day in sharing that story, for I knew that was the sign to begin writing the “book of letters” that I had seen in a dream.

Sadly, tonight I received a call that she is in intensive care with organ failure.  It seems her time here is limited.  While I grieve for the loss of her bright spirit, the love and compassion she gave to everyone, I know the skills learned from her grandmother all those years ago will have her well prepared to enter a larger stream of life, and to climb yet a higher mountain to a greater level of love and freedom.

She will be sorely missed here, but I know I will soon see her in the dream worlds, and she can tell me all about a new level of catching water, and how she is now free of thirst and longing and wondering.

Thank you, Dana, for being my friend and inspiring me with your stories.  My love goes with you.