Catching Water

Catching Water

The title for this blog came from a story a friend told me about her grandmother.  Her grandparents and their children lived on the side of a mountain in rural Tennessee.  Their home was without electricity or running water, so every day her grandmother gathered the water for her family from a stream–a process she called catching water.

When my friend was a little girl and visited her grandparents, her grandmother would take her up the hill, then leave her at a certain point while she went further up.  My friend never knew exactly what her grandmother did at the top of the hill, but when she came back down, the water was flowing and they filled their jugs. 

Love–The Water of Life

As I listened to this story, my imagination filled with the wonderful images, and I saw the spiritual metaphor in the story.  This every day event was one of the many chores needed for survival for the family, but for the little girl, it became a memorable life lesson and years later opened the door for a spiritual healing.

Water is often a symbol of Spirit and how it flows and sustains life.  We can’t live without water, nor can we live without love.

True Contemplation

It is important for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, to take a few minutes each day to “catch water,” to refill our reservoirs with love and purpose.  Some do this by listening to quiet music, allowing the music to carry their thoughts and imaginings beyond the boundaries of everyday life.  Some read sacred or inspirational writings to open their consciousness to lofty ideals and hope for change.  Some benefit from a walk in nature or even in town, where one can observe and reflect on the miracle of life around us.

Listening Deeply

I personally enjoy spending some time each morning in quiet contemplation, which I call my spiritual exercise.  I look inwardly for an inner light and subtle inner sound that over the years have provided the healing, guidance and strength to keep moving forward in life with wonder and gratitude.

Out of those contemplations over the years have come hundreds of letters to students, co-workers, and friends, journals of insights, dreams, and realizations, and so far, one book.  Some of those writings will make their way here into this blog.

True contemplation is listening and looking deeply.  In doing so, we come to know ourselves, and then life can begin anew.

An Invitation to Heal

I invite you to climb the hill with me.  Bring your jug….

Let’s catch water.








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