Love Came Home

I moved into my home in January of 2010.  In the spring of that year, two Canadian geese built a nest at the edge of the small lake behind my house.  The nest was at the water’s edge in a little bend protected by some overgrowth.   I was delighted and often walked the path around the lake and watched mama goose sitting patiently on her eggs, while papa goose stood watch or floated nearby.  She only left the nest to enter the water briefly while her mate stood guard.

When the spring storms began to arrive, I was like a worried mother, watching out my back door, concerned about her as she remained protectively on her nest.   The winds and rain at times were so harsh, and I was so amazed at her resilience and all that she withstood in not abandoning her nest.

But one day I came home, and the geese were not there.  I hurried down the lake to the nest.  I was heartbroken to see the nest abandoned, the eggs scattered and broken, probably by the hawks in the nearby tree or other animals.  I never knew what happened.  Perhaps she realized the eggs were not viable and would not produce the young she so patiently awaited.

I know that geese mate for life, and over the years I have seen this couple return.  Each year I watched to see if they would choose to nest here again.  This morning when I looked out my back door, they were in my yard with a little family.  My heart nearly burst with joy and wonder.  I knew they had nested somewhere out of sight nearby, for the young were too small to fly.  They had come home.

From the very beginning, this whole experience brought lessons and spiritual understanding for me.  In watching her cover and protect those initial eggs, withstanding such hardship and weather, I knew I was being shown the resolve, courage and strength it takes to birth a new dream, new life.  But sometimes life says, it is time to move on, to leave and not look back.

Sometimes it is time to leave the nest, to move past fear, hesitation, and even sorrow, and take the next step in our journey in life.  Soul longs to know, to grow, to be.   The cycles of life give and they take, but if we can let go when we have done all in our power, in time life will return the blessing, and we will have the strength and wisdom to value the gift and grow from the lesson.

We know that animals love.   Nature teaches us a lot when we pay attention.  Life around us is a continual unfolding miracle.  As I watched this perfect little family this morning, I was reminded of these statements by the ECK Master Rebazar Tarz in the book The Key to ECKANKAR by Paul Twitchell:

“Life is given you to love…. Whether we look at the forms of nature as trees, flowers, or oceans, or whether we are meeting people, we find some measure of God in each experience.  We train ourselves to behold the presence and activity of God in everything around us…

Seeing the completion of this cycle of life in my own back yard was a reminder to never give up on life’s miracles, for the best is always yet to come, no matter what storms of change life brings, for we are ever unfolding centers of love, life, and awareness.